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Colonels Varsity Fastpitch Softball: 2003

Press Coverage

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Magruder: Softball Preview: Gaithersburg Gazette: 3/26/03
"WM Loves Great Outdoors (SEE NOTE): Gaithersburg Gazette: 3/26/03
"Magruder Looks to Rebuild": Montgomery Journal: 3/28/2003
Players to Watch: Cat Ebert: Montgomery Journal: 3/28/2003
Softball Top 10: Magruder # 7: Montgomery Journal: 3/28/2003
"Magruder Will Keep the Change": Olney Gazette: 4/2/2003
"Magruder Stays Unbeaten": Montgomery Journal: 4/3/2003
"Base Hits": Washington Post: April 7, 2003
"Colonels Unbeaten": Montgomery Journal: April 8, 2003
"Colonels Ruin Bengals Day": Gaithersburg Gazette: April 9, 2003

Cat, Rachel, and Eileen celebrate the Colonels victory over Blake
"Softball Top Ten": Montgomery Journal: April 9, 2003
Colonels move from # 7 to # 4
"Second-round showdowns possible": Montgomery Journal: May 6, 2003
"Region race is wide open": Gaithersburg Gazette: May 7, 2003
"Ebert, Magruder do machine-like work": Washington Post: May 13, 2003
"Colonels Down Hornets": Gaithersburg Gazette: May 14, 2003
Old Line All Star Game: Cat Ebert: Most Valuable Player: Public School Team: Gaithersburg Gazette: June 19, 2003